Tesla received highest rating in Guangzhou (China) new energy consumption survey report

Recently, Guangzhou (China) Consumer Council released the “Guangzhou New Energy Vehicle Consumption Survey Report” The contents of the “Report” survey mainly focus on five aspects of car purchase behavior, use status, vehicle evaluation, construction of charging facilities and policy evaluation of new energy vehicles. A total of 2,247 questionnaires were completed by intercepting interviews and online questionnaires, of which 319 were new energy vehicle owners, accounting for 14.2%.


According to the “Report”, the surveyed car owners believe that the current new energy vehicles are generally cost-effective, and the overall cost-effectiveness rating for new energy vehicles is 3.37 (out of 5). Among them, Tesla ranked first, 3.73 points, higher than other brands; BAIC second, 3.40 points; BYD, Dongfeng (DFMC) Motor, Geely Automobile were 3.39 points, 3.33 points and 3.31 points respectively


Among the factors affecting consumers’ purchase of New Energy Vehicles, the lack of driving range is considered to be the biggest shortcoming of new energy vehicles. According to the survey data, the current range of new energy vehicles is concentrated in the range of 200km-400km, only very few above 400km. In the consumer score, the driving range rating was the lowest, at 3.38 points, indicating that consumers are less satisfied with the new energy vehicles’ driving range. Among other indicators, the charging speed was 3.41 points, the battery durability was 3.47 points, and the battery safety was 3.65 minutes.

According to different purchase time, nearly 70% of the owners said that the car has different degrees of mileage attenuation. Among them, vehicles with attenuation within 10% accounted for 38.9%, 10%-20% accounted for 19.7%; 6.3% attenuation was 20%-40%, 1.6% attenuation was over 40%, and 33.5% of owners said there was no attenuation.


From the report above, there are actually many problems with Chinese domestic made EVs. At the same time, it also clearly reflects the huge demand for high-quality/performance EVs in the Chinese market. Looking forward to the Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory to be complete as soon as possible, which will bring high-quality EVs to more Chinese consumers.

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