How AI & FSD can effectively solve traffic problem.

Here is a very interesting article that fully explains how AI and FSD can effectively solve the traffic jam problem.

By Matthew Hutson
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“Watch just a few self-driving cars stop traffic jams”

“Anyone can start a traffic jam—all it takes is tapping on your brakes. The driver behind you will brake, as will the next driver, starting a shock wave of stop-and-go reactions that can travel backward for kilometers. Now, scientists have shown that a few self-driving cars can prevent such jams—and in some cases double the average speed of surrounding vehicles.

The researchers used a video game–style interface to control simulated cars on made-up roadways. In one scenario, the cars drove around a figure eight with a central intersection. In others, one or several lanes of traffic merged, or the cars traversed a Manhattan-like city grid with traffic lights at each crossing. The team looked at various ratios of self-driving cars mixed with regular cars that simulated typical human driving.

In each scenario, the researchers tested four algorithms that used reinforcement learning—a type of artificial intelligence (AI) that learns skills through trial and error. In the figure eight and merging scenarios, a central algorithm controlled all self-driving cars, experimenting by changing their patterns of acceleration and braking. In the Manhattan scenario, the AI-controlled traffic lights instead of cars.”

“The results were impressive. In the figure eight scenario, replacing just one of the 14 “human”-driven cars with a self-driving car doubled the average car speed, the researchers reported last month at the Conference on Robot Learning in Zurich, Switzerland. In the merge scenarios, replacing 10% of the regular cars with self-driving cars also increased overall traffic flow, in some cases doubling the average car speed. The self-driving cars sped up traffic in part by keeping a buffer between themselves and the cars in front of them, forcing them to brake less often. Giving the algorithm control over traffic lights in a Manhattan-style traffic grid increased the number of cars passing through by 7%.

The tested algorithms leave plenty of room for improvement, says study author Eugene Vinitsky, an AI researcher at the University of California (UC), Berkeley. That’s why his team is making its programs public. “If anyone has a brilliant solution or algorithm, you can use this framework to test [new ideas],” says Meng Wang, a transportation engineer at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands who’s done related work.

Researchers in other areas have created benchmarks for reinforcement learning, and “it’s great that they’re doing it in traffic,” says Daniel Lazar, an electrical engineer at UC Santa Barbara. “I hope to see the work expanded” to control not just car speed but also lane changes.

Vinitsky can’t predict when real self-driving cars will help us all get to work faster, but he says some of the new techniques could help our current vehicles. For example, the patterns of traffic-reducing acceleration and braking could be used by the adaptive cruise control systems common in new cars, he says, saving time, gas, and possibly lives. “All the tools are there.”

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The 4th day Tesla Model in Belgium

Tesla model 3 arrived in Belgium the fourth day, the number of people going to watch has not decreased, but has increased a lot. It seems that the attention of Model 3 in Europe is incredible, and many are expected to buy the Model 3.

Also, if you are looking for a Model 3 display near you in Europe , here is a map & link to search for you, provided by couple friendly Twitter users :@SSjessing & @jorgemilburn

“Tesla” search rate increased 5 times in China biggest social media.

Wechat, China’s largest social media & messager app. The most accurate for searching the most recent trendy data. According to Twitter account @arcandrally, the number of searches for “Tesla” in Wechat has recently increased fivefold. It may reflect the rapid increase in interest and demand from the public for Tesla Model 3.

Update: Tesla Model 3 arrived Spain.

Nov 17th 2018. After Tesla Model 3 Spain arrived in Spain, it drove huge amount of people waiting long line in front of the Tesla showroom in Barcelona, Spain.

Also, check out the Model 3 arrived Spain couple days ago.

Look for a Tesla Model 3 near you in Euro ? Here is the link:

Tesla Model 3 arrived Poland –Insane Crowd

Tesla Model 3 had just arrived in Europe (few countries) few days ago, and this whirlwind has already arrived in Poland. From the news on Twitter (thanks to @what_a_talk), it has now reached an uncontrollable level. As you can see from the pictures, there are so many people there to check out Model 3 in person the very first time. and the demand will be INSANE.

Mega Tesla Model 3 hurricanes in Italy

In the past few days, Tesla Model 3 has landed in major European countries for the first time and the response has been very enthusiastic. These countries, including Italy, Germany, Spain and other European countries, we can see from the various Twitter information, Tesla Model 3 does have a huge demand and impact. Also the retweet rate on Twitter is amazing. One of my “Long waiting line in front of the Munich, Germany Tesla’s store” tweet received over 2.2M Impression rate just 3 day, obvious that demand is not questioned.

In Germany, the first time ever Tesla Model 3 showcase is also very enthusiast.