Tesla Lathrop: Distribution Hub or Assembly Plant?

Over the past few weeks speculation has been rampant regarding the “rumored” Tesla facility in Lathrop California.

Initially thought to be a distribution center more and more people now believe that it could be an assembly plant. I myself think that is the likely scenario.

As Tesla challenged preconceived manufacturing notions and “best practices”, they are figuring new ways to optimize and automate the different processes.

Another interesting concept around manufacturing would be the use of mobile and modular assembly lines.

Imagine lines that can be installed in any location (warehouses or tents) in the matter of days while a permanent structure was being built in parallel. 

Plug & Play assembly lines!

Once your permanent structure is finished you can either 

  • Move the existing line into that building.
  • Or simply install a new one in parallel.

If the parallel option is chosen, then you can simply move the temporary line to a new location (tent?) and repeat the process. 

Imagine the possible scenarios for Tesla regarding their current needs:

  • North America – with the Semi, Model Y, Roadster, Utility van and Pickup. 
  • In China – fast-tracking production start
  • Europe and other sites…

Also, since it’s modular you can continuously upgrade part of the assembly line by just swapping these modules out as soon as you make improvements and optimizations or when you more the line to another site.

Whatever ends up being in that new building in Lathrop will have kept us speculating and entertained with all the drone videos

            Recent drone flyby by Troop1023